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Die  Verification / Electronics component testing

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X-Ray Infrastructure of obsolete semiconductor

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What is Recertification?

"The act of having one's certification renewed"

As Area51 developed over the last 10 years in its quality awareness program, we began to understand the cruel nature of counterfeit components versus authentic and the impact of such on the worldwide component supply chain. We fully recognized the need for an inspection process that would not only protect our client's production lines but ourselves as well, from allowing these types of components in penetrating the supply chain.

Under the direction of Dr. Miroslav Maramica we have been able to attain a credible approach to component recertification through the curious eyes of standard failure analysis practices. Eliminating layer by layer, die by die, the tell tale signs of risk with accurate and precise mitigation. Whether it is obsolete semiconductors or current production items, we offer electronic component testing services to determine authenticity and recertify parts.

Feel free to send us your obsolete semiconductors or electronic components list for a risk mitigation analysis. 

X-Ray, Decap, Parametric testing, XRF, Metrology, Solvent & Marking permanency, Microscopy analysis up to 500X and fully functional electronic component testing are just a few of the services we deliver.

We proudly speak engineering and welcome open transparent dialog with any of your quality design engineers.

Our QA staff fully comprehends the requirements of AS5553 and SAE ARP6178; the fraudulent / counterfeit electronic parts tool for risk assessment of distributors.

In view of this industry standardized approach we are able to offer our clients a full one year warranty on any components purchased to meet or exceed the published manufacturer's specifications and to be authentic down to the die level.

Area51-Recertified: a company capable of thinking out of the box to serve its aerospace/military community with commendations from companies such as Northrop Grumman, JPL and NASA.